Removing Circlip From Gas Reservoir - kdx220 Rear Shock

i understand that the instructions state " use a pick or suitable tool remove the circlip from the gas reservoir..", but the circlip looks like it is pretty well embedded into the wall of the reservoir and i cannot pick it out.


any thoughts on how i can achieve this?


i am wanting to replace the actual reservoir itself and the cap with new - as part of the rear shock overhaul i am performing.








The reservoir piston has to be pushed in slightly to extract the clip.

thanks mate.


already done that - depressed by around 20-25mm - with very clear access to the circlip but seems like it has stuck in it's home pretty good - since 1998.


thoughts on how to extract this stubborn cir-clip?



Sometimes you can drill a small hole between the c clip and the reservoir body, Then use a sharp pick to pry it out.

interesting - where in the body should this hole be drilled?



ok - was able to apply more elbow grease and eventually extracted that circlip.


i was also able to extract the original reservoir and cap.



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