Fork seal leak

I did a tear down and cleaning of my forks a few weeks ago. I have 3 rides on them and the left seal developed a leak. I dislodged the debree with some film and the leak stopped. My question: Do I need to change the oil again. If not, I know I at least have to put more fork oil in. Can I just put more in the top and compare it to the other fork? I am assuming I can't, because I won't be able to move the fork through its enire range and remove the air in the lower part of the fork. If thats the case, I guess I just remove the fork and springs and go through the normal routine? Right?

I don't change the oil after fixing a leak, but you will need to get an accurate measurement with the forks fully compressed, and the springs removed. Both sides need to be set the same, check your manual for low and high measurements. I would suggest never to dump an unmeasured amount of fluid in the forks, being 10mm of on either side can drastically change their performance. Hope that helps!! Put a little lithium based grease behind the dust wiper, this will grab any unwanted particles and helps with stiction as a huge plus.

I had what I thought was a pretty bad leak a couple of weeks ago and was able to cure the leak with a business card. I was I had lost a lot of fluid because it had made such a mess so I opened them up to refill. I could barely notice the difference. Maybe a few mm but not much at all.

Unless you had the bike tied down in the truck and there was a big puddle or you a just anal about stuff like that I'd guess you are fine till the next regular teardown.

Dave S

My thoughts exactly. One cc of oil can spread out to look like a lot of oil. But unless it has been leaking significantly for a few days of riding, your level won't be down much at all. I wouldn't worry about it unless you can feel a difference in the suspension. But, hey, that's just what *I* would do.

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