2013 XR 650 upgrades

I recently bought a 2013 XR650 smog dog in california and I need to do some upgrades.Besides removing all the smog crap what are the bad ass parts(exhaust,pipes,jetting,air filters,etc.) to get more power out of this bike? Mainly i would like to get more low end without changing gear ratios.

Number one mod that should be done first on these bikes,and i`ve done everything.......is put a pumper carb on it...


There are a number of threads on putting a CRF250 or CRF450 Keihin FCR MX in either 40mm or 41mm on these bikes....


It will make a BIG difference on these bikes.the CV carb is REAAALLLYYYY slow,making these bikes seem underpowered even more than they actually are..


Get one off ebay,,cheap..with the CRF throttle housing and cables,,worth every friggin penny right there..



Yup, desmog, remove snorkel, replace muffler and pumper carb. I did the mods to the original carb first but the pumper carb was night and day better. Just get it.

right on, thanks for the help,what is the best pipe for the xr 650?

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