Dirt Wheels For Ice

I am planning to run the ice series this winter just for fun.


I was told I need to pick up some dirt rims as the 17 on the 2013 DRZ 400SM are not good for the ice and they do not make ice tires in the 17 size.


What rims can I buy that would be easiest to bolt on with little modification and will work with the OEM brakes?




I'm curious as to what you find, I would like to ride my drz through winter so I am looking for a set of winter wheels/tires. Will a set of DRZ 21' wheels be just a plug and play? I know they have a smaller brake rotor but IDK how its attached to the hub, if the rotor can be swapped or just a new SM rotor put on the 21' wheel?

I recently found some studded Mefo brand knobbies from a seller on EBay .

DRZ hubs are the same S,E,K or SM. SM rotor on any of the 21" will work and make ice and dirt riding "more better". I do believe the speedo drive needs an adaptor though.

There is a guy in Montana making tires for riding sport bikes on ice. Saw the bike and tires in his truck at a gas station a year ago and had to stay and bs with him. His stunt crew was competing to set the record for longest wheelie on ice. I lost his card, but as I recall he was out of Butte and they had a website. I never looked into pricing or availability, but they are out there and you wouldn't need to buy a second set of wheels. Might be a little cheaper that way.

The guys I ride with use self taping sheetmetal screws as studs in their supermoto tires.

They run them in from the inside of the tire so the screws points outward. Then they run a liner to protect the tube. I believe they use an old tube or cut an old tire as a liner.

They say they have more grip on the ice this way than with street tires on the street.

I'll post up some pics when I stud my tires this winter.

I am making no progress on this, I emailed several of the ice tire companies and most so no go for the 17 inch rim.

They pretty much say make them yourself or buy dirt rims.

There are several vendors who make all kinds of ice tires for dirt rims but none for 17 inch rims.


It looks like a big chunk of change to have to buy dirt rims and ice tires. It would be a huge saving if I could find ice tires for the 17 inch rims.

Why not make them. The way to make ice tires is to cut the bead off another tire, put it inside your tire so you have a tire inside a tire. Then put in about 1000 ice screws, long enough to go through the outside tire into the inside tire, but not through it. On a dirt tire that is 3/4 or 7/8". Get several c clamps to compress the bead enough to lever it on, don't slip as the tire will cut you up.

Once installed run 40 psi or so. Also don't roll the tire on anything but ice. Anything else will quickly dull the screws.

Or get some cheap offroad-ish tires for cheap and stud them.

Cheap chinese tires usually have a high rubber content which makes them still flexible in the cold temps.

Get some Shinko 700's or Dunlop D606 and stud the bejesus out of them.









Probably will cost you roughly $500 for new tires, studs and getting them mounted.


Or just shell out the cash for some dirt rims AND ice tires. What's that gonna cost ya? $1500-$2000 by the time you get wheels, hubs, rotors, sprocket AND $250-$450/per tire.

Studded tyres are not cheap my friend and any other tyre without stud will always fail in ice most things to even a 4x4 dodge;)

If you want to race you need 18-21 with proper screw "MF44"

Vtt Gold screw sucks bad enough on my 7 hp xr100. The DRZ would just be as not having any screw at all

If you want to like your experience. Go all the way tire wise or not at all

Thats my 2c

I'm not speaking as a racer by any means.

Just as a casual rider.


Here's a little vid of some of the local guys riding on the ice.



Skip to 0:23 to see the tires close up.

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