Fork alignment /new bars

I noticed my bars seemed bent (the right side seemed more towards me). I have had a few minor spills since I bought the WR450, but nothing other then laying it over in the mud. Today I replaced the bars with Azonic Double bars and Tag adapters. They look and feel sweet, but it still seems bent to me. Any ideas on what could be bent? How to rectify? I consider myself to have a good eye, so I do not think it's my imagination. BTW, I also installed a FMF Q series, YZ rear fender, Grey wire mod, Vent mod, and removed my snorkel. Busy day.

sjwr450. Could be: a.) the forks are not centered in the triple clamps - measure the clearance of the top of each fork with the top of the upper triple clamp itself, b.) you have "tweeked" the forks laterally in the clamps themselves (done that, and it feels like a bent bar !), or c. both. It's probably best to lossen the triple clamps (solves the "tweek"), spec the top of each fork to the top of each clamp and torque the triple clamps to spec. Correct factory or dealer fork spec and clamp torque may be at fault.... Other than that you may have a bent fork, but it would take a.) a pretty hefty hit, or a bad factory part. Rare (in the later case), but it happens...

Ditto, The upper triple clamp is out of alignment with the lower triple clamp. This happens on big crashes and will not fix itself. Just lossen the forks & triple clamp and slide the forks just below the upper triple clamp. This way you can line up the upper triple clamp with the lower clamp. Retorque the triple clamps and note how easy the forks go back up into the upper clamp.

After a crash, sometimes my bars and front tire are out of alignment. This hapeens on bo my old XR650 and my 426. I just pull up to the nearest tree and bang the tire against it a few times to re-align the handlebars and the front tire. Then, I am good to go again. :)

Nothing like using the not tools brute force method of repair by Wrkaholic. :):D :D

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