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Protaper on 2009 klx250s

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Hey guys

I was wondering if those of you running protapers are running the 7/8th or the fat bars with the adapters?

If you are running adapters do you have any issues with cable length and will the controls turn signal etc... Fit over the larger bars.

Thanks in advace

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I just installed Renthal Fatbars using the ProTaper adapters.  I selected Renthal's 'Enduro' bend on the Fatbars as it is the same width as the stock bars, a little taller (in addition to the 3/4" added by the adapters), and have less rearward sweep.


Your questions:

1) The bar end controls all fit on the Renthal Fatbar or the Pro Taper Contour or other 1-1/8" bars because they taper down to the stock 7/8" diameter at the ends where all your controls mount.

2) The only minor fitment issue that came up was the length of the clutch cable.  It is really a non-issue, but when the bars are turned fully against the left lock, all the slack in the cable gets pulled out.  I set my clutch cable according to Kawasaki's recommendation of 3mm freeplay with the bars pointing straight ahead.  Clearly you aren't (well, I am not) riding often (if ever) with the bars turned to the lock.  Again, at the left lock the clutch is not being pulled in, but all of the slack is pulled out of the cable.  Definitely at the limit and I would not put a taller or wider bar on the bike.


Also, for reference, I am 5-11 and the Enduro bend plus the 3/4" rise from the adapters gets the bars up out of the way of my knees, I like it!


Hope that helps, God Bless,






*** Edited to attach photo.

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