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86 yz 80 clutch trouble

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I am in the process of restoring this bike. It is just about done. The clutch is kicking my ass. I put a new clutch in it. the issue is when I pull on the lever it does not disengage the clutch. the lever is very easy to squeeze I can do it with one finger. the only tension seems to be coming from the spring on the lever going into the crank case. I have adjusted the cable up and down. I thought the cable might have stretched so I manually turn the lever as far as it would go with plyers. still nothing. then I pulled it apart 4 times. I also put the original clutch plates and springs back in still nothing. I verified that the 2 pieces of the push rods are inserted as well as the ball bearing that goes in between. The rods look to be in good shape there is no specs in the manual for how long they should be. I have searched other forums and found another guy had the same problem but no solutions were ever posted.
Any help would be appreciated.
all these test are being done with the crank case empty of any oil. I did put oil on both the fiber and metal plates.

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