Oil came out of valve cover breather hose?

Yesterday I was rippin hardcore for about 2 hours on and off. Rev limiter bangin, all the works. On one of my short breaks, I noticed a medium sized rainbow beneath my bike on the ground (it was dumping rain). Upon close inspection, it became apparent that a small amount of oil had leaked out of the valve cover breather hose and onto the ground. It was a little bubbly and very warm. This has never happened before, and no, this isn't a brand new engine or anything. I haven't made any changes to the bike or its fuel in a while. I rode for a bit longer, and it did not continue to leak out oil after it was parked. I checked the oil window, and it had leaked out enough that it was down to 3/4 full. Why would that happen? Could it have overheated from me riding so hard, or did something mix in?

When you run them real hard they will blow some oil out of the breather, its normal.

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