Over Correction / Swapping when exiting sweepers

2006 YZ250f - Enzo Re-valve for Vet B Outdoor MX (includes Sub Tanks)

Rear spring = 5.1

Fork springs = .45 (One step stiffer than stock. The 06 250f was soft in the front...and Enzo corrected that)

Static Sag - 32mm

Rider Sag - 103mm (per Enzo Specs)

Fork Height +4 mm over stock setting


Enzo Recommended settings:

Fork C - 10 out

Fork Reb - 10 out

Shock LC - 10 out

Shock HC - 1.5 out

Shock Reb - 7 Out


What I have been running for a couple of years.  These settings were arrived at to provide the best cornering on higher speed hardpack turns....and have been pretty good overall.

Fork C - 12 out

Fork Reb - 9 out

Shock LC - 11 out

Shock HC - 1.25 out

Shock Reb - 8 Out


I recently had the forks seals and oil changed, not by Enzo, but same oils, levels, etc, supposedly.  I provided the original Enzo spec sheet to my local suspension tech.  Put everything back on the bike exactly as I have been running it.  I have been riding on somewhat softer tracks.  The bike is just not working the same.  Specifically....when exiting medium speed sweepers, the bike is very "swappy".  If I turn down a bit more late in the corner..the front knifes a bit.  If I feel the rear going...and I turn out...and stand the bike up slightly...it really over corrects and nearly swaps me in the other direction.  I just can not get a handle on it. 


I am running more Fork C and less Fork Reb than the recommended settings.  On softer tracks...could this be causing my problems with the knifing.  The real problem is the rear unloading fast and swapping me.



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Sounds like maybe air in shock from bad bleed ?

Sounds like maybe air in shock from bad bleed ?


Hmmm....  Come to think of it...I have also been very inconsistent with bike attitude when jumping.  One time...I am unusually nose high...and having to brake tap.  The next lap...I am in really nose low...and grabbing the gas.  Will air in the shock make it really inconsistent?

Agree with Mog on this.


Pull spring and compress shock you will hear air bubbles if its a bad bleed.


Id say you might have to much reb damping.. check your clickers.. remove some rebound to reduce the oversteer.

The problem is not excess over steer...I can handle losing the rear a little.  The problem is that when I correct the over steer, the bike over-corrects dramatically...stands up..and swaps.

Mog and Mach, You guys were 100% right.  The shock was just jacked up...ton of air in it.  Amazing that I did not kill myself.  I was beginning to think I was hopeless as a rider.   Went out this Sat and Sun...after getting the rear oil fully changed by someone who knew what they were doing..and it was a new day.  :ride:

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