What's your favorite ohv in california?

What do you think is the best overall ohv in california?

I like motorcycles best for off highway vehicles?

Bikes. They take up less space when stored.

It's a big state.

It's a big state.

Better get a big ohv....

My KTM 500 EXC! Go anywhere do all!

Sorry I phrased it wrong I meant what's you favorite off highway area in california. For example hollister or Gorman.

Northern or southern Cali?

LA River

stony ford, great camping, cant get snowed in, get tv, cell, fire wood, lots of law enforcement so your stuff never gets riped off, good wet weather ridding, great for familys and kids, can ride to upperlake.

Golden Gate park. Duh.

Golden Gate park.

  Senator Dianne Fiensteins front yard !

Edited by mojave1

  Senator Barbara Fiensteins front yard !

Don't forget Boxer and Pelosi....

Don't forget Boxer and Pelosi....

I tap both of them

I tap both of them

You can have that one...


I don't even need a bag for her

Look out Ossi.  Divorce will do that to you. 


My favorite OHV is Praire City.  That place rocks!


Silly middle aged men

The golf course behind my house

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