Oil filter screen(s) on BRP

Evening gentlemen! (assuming there's no female BRPers in here or anywhere else for that matter)

I've got an uncorked '02 650R with approximately 700 miles and I've changed its oil twice. However, I have never removed or cleaned either one of the oil screens. How necessary is this procedure? Is it vital for the pig's well being to perform this during every oil change?

Nows the time to clean out the screens. 700 miles should be enough to get the initial shavings into the screens. You will (probably) find just enough filings to slightly restrict oil flow.

After the initial clean out of the screens you can go a long way without cleaning them -- like 2500+ miles.

Keep changing the oil every 300-500 miles for the life of the bike. Its also time to adjust the valves. Do it every 600 miles.

Also- do yourself a favor and lube the front and rear axle, all linkage (especially the swing arm pivot)- now, before the factory dribble dries out.

Backing out the chain adjuster bolts and lubing them up with waterproof grease now is another good idea.


Yeah, clean the top screen at the bottom of the frame tube. You might be surprised at all the junk that gets caught there. Also, after break-in, it's a good idea to clean the lower screen also (in the crankcase). Mine had some fine metal particles in it.

Anyway, after that, you can go a lot longer on the lower screen, but I would check the one in the frame tube every few oil changes just to keep the junk out which can fall into the oil filler opening. You don't have to do it every single oil change if you use a clean funnel and keep the dirt away from the filler area.

I appreciate your help guys.

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