Shims - Rear Shock 1998 kdx 220

i have just inspected my rear shock shims for both rebound and compression stacks.


Most of the shims have marks \ impressions from the preceding and post shims and look like thay have been in place for a long time - like since 1998 perhaps??


i had to grind the peen off the shaft to reach these shims - so i am presuming these shims are original.


are these marks \ impressions bad and will they adversely affect performance?


should i replace all of these shims?




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Marks as in their bent?  Put them on a piece of glass and check if they are still flat.  If they aren't (flat) then its probably a good time to get new shims.  If they're just superficial marks on the surface, then I wouldn't worry about it.

Don't you think 15 years is well beyond the service life of shims?

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I've read shims do loose stiffness over time and factory teams replace the shims for new ones just like bushes etc , I guess if they are worn to the point you can feel it then they need replacing , if they are flat but softer than new ones ( I would expect this to be true ) then a few extra on the stack would not hurt

I read elsewhere that there is a rebound needle inside the shock shaft.


Is this correct?




True for all shocka

nothing came out of my shock shaft...


the needle does not show up in the parts list...?


can you show me a link showing where this rebound needle is located...?




It must have a needle to close off the rebound

i have read that if you grind the ping off straight across then the rebound parts will come out.


is this correct?


i had to grind the ping straight off across to access the shim assembly.


does this mean that my shock shaft is unusable now?



Only on a showa

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