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KTM 250exc or 300exc, cant decide!

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Hey guys!

Im between a huge dilemma, i cant decide which bike to get next!

I have got an offer for 2009 250exc and 2010 300exc, has anyone ridden them both, and can bring out some major differences?

What i plan riding with it is mostly, some low-speed tighter stuff in sandy soil. It will be my first enduro bike coming off 250F.

Im 145 lbs (65kg) geared up and 5'75' (177cm) tall.

Really need some advice!

Thanks in advance!

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Tough call.

I've had both sizes but older models. Here's some of my preferences on them.

250 low to mid power, if cylinder mods done you can make it a screamer like a 125's power curve up to 12000 rpm with increased compression ratio of 13:1-14:1 and not lose a lot of bottom torque.

300 is the one the 250 wants to be. So to speak.

You achieve a more usable broader power delivery if you mod cylinder on each.

I would rather build a 300 over a 250. Personally.

Both are great bikes but 300 has more torque. Suspension will basically be the same.

When I raced my 250 I practiced on the 300, and with all the engine mods on the 250 it still lacked a little. Where the 300 was more usable all around.

Then do same style mods to the 300's engine and it gets great. No comparison then.

My money would be on a 300.

Most people on here would agree that even stock, it will be a great bike you won't outgrow and will hate to sell it in the end.

Even now with my 440exc I long for my 300 still. Just saying.

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