Early morning Starting porblems

YES YES YES,  what another starting problem thread,  ya buddy!    well i did a search i didn't find anything that was similar to my problem so here i am



2008 drz400sm specs/mods:  

3x3 mod, k&N filter, JD jet kit, Yoshi RS4 exhaust, removed clutch & kick stand switch, Trail tech X@ headlight and a bunch of other cosmetic mods.



this started happening this year late spring ish and seemed random,  try to start bike, it turns over but no fire.  I try this until the battery dies and hook back up to tender.  Later that day/evening after work and it will fire up no problems.  I Changed Spark plug (there is a spark) and oil to see if that was the issue  and this still happens and it seems like it happens on cooler mornings.  

Other than the starting problem the bike runs great, no other issues,  all the mods i have done were done the last few years,  none this year so i believe all my jetting is spot on for elevation (it does pop sometimes) 


other notes, all lights works, the starter works because you can hear it trying to turn the engine, there is gas,  battery is fine because i do have it on a tender in the nights




any ideas! 

Is the carb clean .. The valve clearances good AND the fuel screw set correctly ?

i have not cleaned the carb,  is there an easy way to clean it with out removing it?   i have not check the valve clearance and i believe the fuel screw is set properly(then again i have a 4-5year old that like to tinker)

The carb is very simple to removed only a couple things to really remove. Remove the tps, and throttle cables. Disconnect the fuel and vacuum lines, then just wiggle it out. You can remove the gas tank for better clearance.

What I don't know is how fast your starter is spinning your motor and what weight oil you are using.


I'm using 20W50 oil, no auto compression release and 434 displacement.  Spinning the motor fast enough with the starter is a problem.  What works for me is to activate the starter with no choke for a few revolutions. pull the choke. active the starter again. push the choke back in an active the starter again.  Then it fires.


Carb cleaning and checking the valve clearances are both good ideas.

i haven't got a chance to pull the carb yet to give it a proper cleaning but it did fire easily after about an hour after it wouldn't start.  



The motor is stock, no big bore 

I always have to put the choke out 1 click to get mine started. Maybe 2 clicks in your case, unless your fuel tap is blocked with some shite, maybe flick to reserve and try

clean your carb...remove carb..disassemble, inspect, clean. adjust throttle cables.  inspect main jet, pilot and float. dont forget to check the needle for proper movement in the diaphragm and remember to keep track of the small little O ring.

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