pw80 wont stay running

Hey everyone I've got an ssue with a pw80. Bought it from a guy who said it ran fine, we started it for a sec and seemed OK. Got it home and rode and ran fine for like half a block then died out on me. Brought it back to garage removed carb and disassembled cleaned(though I don't think it needed it) and reinstalled. Not much difference. It will start and run for about 3 seconds then dies off almost like its fuel starved, but the plug usually has gas on it so i m sure its getting gas. The spark looks good. The compression is between 125 and 130lbs. I have not removed reeds since you just about have to pull motor to get at the intake enough to get screws out. also, if I turn off gas and remove plug, I can kick the engine through until it spits out most of the gas in the case, and then reinstall plug and turn gas on, and it'll run like a champ for about half a minute (good idle, throttle responsive) but then it dies and its back to running for 2_3 seconds and dying. It does start with one kick for the 2-3 second run times though. Anyone got any theories?

Try a new spark plug . It sounds like it could be fouled. Once they foul they may run a little bit, but the plug is no good. 

My little brother's previous pw80 did the same thing (he's now moved to a yz85). Just change the spark plug and you should be fine, we go through one every month or so in it.

Thanks for the input. Will give it a whirl

Tried 2 new NGK spark plugs, but still getting the same results. Any other ideas?

Crank seals, idle mixture , is the air filter in it, way to rich maybe. 

Well, I guess I did overlook one small detail. The hose on my carb bowl was plugged by p.o. probably stopped the OK drip drip when it was sitting up. Whoops! Thanks for all the input guys, all the tips were super valid. Thanks so much for all the help. But also let this bea lesson to everyone... Let them thangs breath man!

You want the oil injection system. Works great and I've only ever heard of three suspected failures, one was a bike that was 30 years old and spent most of it's time outside, so that should give you an idea of it's condition. I do have a boat anchor motor that someone plugged the oil pump on, probably would still be going strong if it was left alone. Also, some bikes will roast the crank bearings with out the oil injection, just leave 'em alone. They're not magic, they're wonderful pieces of engineering.

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