Bike Size vs Rider Size

I'm completely new to trials and I'm looking for my 1st bike. As a fairly big guy - 250lbs, 6'1" - I'm thinking I would need a larger bike. However a friend of mine said that as a novice, I'd find a small bike much easier to ride and handle and suggested that I start with something like a 125. Is this crazy or is my buddy right? Would a good 125 really be able to haul me thru a section? Or should I shoot for something like a 250 - 300?

6 ft and 250 lbs is too big for a 125 . I would go 300 and as a new rider get a slow throttle tube and possibly lower the compression with another gasket to make it more newb friendly

I agree with kaos ... but a 250 should also be fine. 

I am 6ft and ~200lbs and my first trials bike was a sherco290.

I'm 6'2" at 200 lbs and ride a Montesa 250. I agree with lowering the compression a bit and maybe a slow throttle.



Our problem without seeing a "poster" ride, hard to tell your skill factor and make recommendations, other than for some reason in the UK, they wont let you buy a bike bigger than 125 until you are over 18.  My son, at age 17 or so, was 6ft tall 200 lbs is, foot ball athelete build, the 125 would NOT ride well for him, with AMATURE which is above beginner SKILLS.


For a timid non cycle rider at all, 125 is safe for many reasons, deadly for other reasons.  Safe as it will less likely over power newbs, but IMHO deadly because at 250 lbs without some knowledge and skills, the 125 can and will "plunk and die" in situations that can hurt you, I watched a friend have this happen on a side hill, his first time from a 250 montessa to a 200 (175cc) gasgas, bigger than 125...  it died on side of steep hill section he was going across the face of this hill, high sided him into MUCHO rocks piles 20ft down the hill.


I was 270+ lbs, I never rode a bike or will, that is under the 300 gasgas model, but I have been on trials bikes for just over 40 years, and relatively decent trials rider.  There is no replacement for CC's when it comes to plunk plunk of trials, but nowdays we "slip the clutch" achieving" a manual version of an automatic transmission's torque converter, so the bike doesn't die as easily anyhow, but they do.  


My dad liked a low compression insert, on his Raga's.  up until this year we moved it bike to bike, the 2013 Raga 300 seems fine, so he didn't switch anything.  But each year there are differences sometimes in how compression and all that is setup by factory, next year's bike might have slightly more comression to rate the power as "more" you know just like they change camshafts in cars and trucks, and other tuning to make the next year diffferent and all that with same motors in them.


300's 280's were the norm for gasgas imported in big quantity, sherco & beta were 250's it seems to me, they all make a great bike for anyone, nice thing is you can PEP the engines up and take some pep out.  


your biggest problem will be "standing up" instead of sitting on your butt when you ride a trials bike, it is TOTALY different set of muscles, balance and stuff.  My brother races bikes longer as that I been trials (he's older lol).  He gets on trials bike once every few years, it is so different, it can "get" you in trouble, luckily he knows better being around dad & I enough, but someone that hasnt, that first ride can thrill or scare ya.

I agree with kaos ... but a 250 should also be fine. 

I am 6ft and ~200lbs and my first trials bike was a sherco290.

hey bender im in the same boat as the guy who posted this... great info..


im looking at moving back to fraser valley and want to sue a trials bike as a trail bike and also join the CPTA in coquitlam for tips and help... i have riden dirt bikes since i was 13 and just sold my honda 450x  i want a single track bike... i have a option to buy a used 2009 beta evo 290 for about 5k... just waiting to see if i move... can i set this bike up comfortably so i can stand and trail ride for half a day... i always found with my honda i was bent over like a puppy humping a footballl... 

don't be worried about too much power on a trials bike. there one purpose is to have super smooth manageable power. I would def agree a 125 is too small. My first bike is a sherco 290 still got it and love it. I have been on a dirt bike for 15 years though but I still don't think a 300 will be too much for you. riding trials you are in a kinda bent over position it gives you good control on the handle bars. you can put bar risers or higher bend bars if your too tall. I don't think I would want to trail ride a trials bike for 4 hours but that's just me I have a ktm 200xcw for trail riding and a sherco for trials.

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