Cr125 02 dies out.

I bought it for a project and I'm planning to resell it. When I bought it it would run for about 20 sec and then bog down and die. I cleaned the carb, checked the petcock fuel filter and the flow. I did a few other cosmetics and fixed a bent radiator.

I put it all together today and first kick it started. It ran for about 30 secs well but then died. after kicking it for a while and a attempted pop start, it fired up for 10 sec then died. I took out the plug and it was had oil on it and it was fouled. I burned the oil off and tried again. It didn't start but the plug was fouled again.

The carb only has the float bowl drain tube on it and the fuel line going in. There are two other barbs on it but no tubes going off. I looked at the oem carb chart graph photo on the interweb and it looked like the tubes that are supposed to be on it, where just a breather and don't connect to anything.

I don't know what it is. It's all stock, the exhaust isn't all plugged up with sludge, it gets fuel, it has compression and spark.

Any help is greatly appriteated.

Just try a brand new spark plug gapped to spec! My experience is once a plug is fouled it's pretty much done for. It's the simplest and quickest option. If that doesn't work reply back! Good luck.

What jets are installed?

Might have a bad right hand crank seal...but yeah try a new NGK plug..if it fouls it check jets and then if that is might do a leak test to see if seal is bad.

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