Kicker is turning the starter '06 TC250

Just unloaded the bike from "trying" to ride yesterday...lots of hot starting issues still.  I wanted to see if it would fire up from cold like it usually does, it started 2nd kick without choke but died a few seconds later because I wasn't giving it any gas.


I tried again and it started for a second with the throttle slightly opened, and it died pretty quick.  Went to kick it again(battery is low and I knew the starter wouldn't work), now when I kick it, you can hear it turning the starter motor, but doesn't feel like you're getting the engine going.  Really weird.   So as I try to kick, all it's doing is turning the starter motor and it's hard to kick over.


Anyone hear of this before?  Know what I can check first?  It has a Rekluse Z-Start, could it be something to do with that?


Yesterday was a disaster for hot starting.  The last ride I went on was really hot and humid, I adjusted the fuel screw until it was pretty much all the way in on a 42 pilot and it ran great all day.  Started in 1-2 kicks almost every time I stopped or when it died on me around sharp turns in the woods.  I figured it needed a leaner pilot so I put a 40 in it, got it warmed up in my back yard two days ago and adjusted the fuel screw to about 3/4 out(it started hesitating past that) and it seemed fine, easy to start, good power.  Yesterday it was much cooler though.  As soon as it got hot, it was impossible to start.  I spent half an hour trying to get it to start.  Tried richening the fuel screw, hot start, choke, little throttle, lot of throttle.  I'm bringing to past TDC on compression and kicking through, but no luck.  I got it running after that 30 min break on a hill and was able to get back closer to my van and it died again.  Luckily it was near the van, I changed the pilot back to the 42 and turned the screw out about a full turn and it started up.  Although it had time to cool down.  Ran it around the pit area adjusted the screw some more until it sounded like it was in the sweet spot, killed it, it started right up, but it was on a few seconds after I killed it.  Did a really short loop around the first bit of the trail, came back to the van to get all my gear on, nothing.  Couldn't get it going to save my life.  Checked the spark and it's pretty weak looking, didn't have a new plug with me.  The color looks quite rich too, not wet and covered in soot, but getting that way.


When it gets hot and starts acting like this, the top end gets kinda noisy.  Like the valves are loose.  I checked them two rides ago and they were barely out of spec, really only one valve on each side(in and ex) was slightly off.  I put them in the middle of the range and it ran fine for the last ride, but that was when it was humid and the fuel screw was all the way in.


Please help!  I'm getting fed up with this thing.  It's the newest bike I own, and it runs the worst out of everything I've ridden.  When it's right, like the last time, I love it. 

I tried again and was able to kick it free.  It was like something was catching the starter gears and turning it along with the motor.  Still like to know that might be or if anyone has experienced that before.

Well, the starting gear connected to the crankshaft is a one way turn only but sometimes, due to several issues such as starting gear starting to wear out and or engine oil out of spec it stays connected to the starter. After cooling down it becomes free again. It may happen from time to time. You may also do not have any similar problem again...

starter clutch, maybe??

yep. friends 310 trail fail,  had to yank the starter motor to get it to run. We rigged a case plug for it out of of a plastic cap we found on the road. Then put longer starter bolts in to pull the starter against the cap so it didn't leak so bad. Finished the ride.  When he got home he put back in and it was working again?   He ran one of those auto clutchamathingys, I suspected one of the million screws fell out and jammed the gear. 

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