Oil in sight glass on 2012

I have a 2012 YZ450f and I just rebuilt the top end.  I had it started and running but didn't have my valve cover gasket on right so I lost some oil, I fixed the gasket and put some more oil in.  I started it again let it warm up and turned it off and took the overfill bolt out and nothing really came out.  The I started the bike again and it idled for about 1 minute then it died and haven't been able to get it started again.  So i drained the oil cold replaced it with 1 quart, and now i kick it about 20 times the sight glass fills up and its not draining.  Do I still have too much oil in the engine and is that what's causing it not to start or did something else go out?  Very frustrated!  Thanks in advance!

Are you draining from both oil drain points?

What he said.

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