Turns over but won't fire over.

Hey guys .I have a 04 husky sm450. I have an interesting problem. My bike will not start with the easy button. It will just spin the motor over but not fire. It cranks fast with no issues. The real issue is that I can kick the bike over and it stars and runs no problem at all. I'm going to charge my batt and see if that changes anything, but any other idea of what it might be?

Charging the battery would be a good idea. My TE250 04 only starts with the easy button if the battery is fully charged and turning the engine real well. Otherwise it may be turning the engine but not enough... when it does that it starts on the kick. Anyhow, pleased to hear your findings...

Well I think.IM running lean now. Its wired, I can twist the throttle like 3 times and it starts no problem and runs fine IM gonna turn out the fuel screw a turn and see if it helps at all.

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