2003 YZ450F Possibly street legal?

hey im just wondering if I can make my bike street legal and how hard/easy it would be to do this.., thanks ahead of time for any advice.

I've got a tagged 03 250F and a 03 450F. First thing is having a title. Second it can't specify for off road use only anywhere. If you've got that then it's just a matter of not offering too much information. Politely answer any question but don't offer anything extra. In SC once you get past the auditor for paying property tax you've pretty much got it. Just hand them the title and don't tell them it's a dirtbike you're trying to put on the road - just say it's a motorcycle - but be nice. On my 450 I just transferred a tag off my XR600 so it was easier. I've had insurance with Progressive and now I'm with Safeco. In SC they both have a minimum rate you'll pay. It's something like $94 for Progressive and $102 for Safeco. Even though a single bike is cheaper than that I would still pay $102. For both I still pay $102. Now I just did mine so I didn't have to listen to a lecture if I get caught on a dirtroad. I'll still catch some grief for no horn and tires but hopefully since I have the big stuff they'll cut me some slack. I put lights on my 250 but I haven't go to the 450 yet and that's another subject all together. Clay

Definitely check out supermoto junkie.com. They have a lot of Yz and wr supermoto conversions with posts that follow the whole project

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