CRFX locked up gear box, HELP

I spooled up the chain into the counter shaft area, it completely ripped off the chain guide and brackets (the welds never penetrated the swing arm). After removing the swing arm I was able to get the chain out and after getting the guide brackets welded back on, new rear sprocket, and new chain I came to realize that the countershaft was stuck in gear and the shifter would not click to engage. I was told by a moto mechanic that the shifter shaft most likely broke, after removing the gear box side of the case and clutch to expose the end of the shifting shaft I discovered that it was intact and functioning properly. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS WHERE TO GO FROM HERE?

Will the countershaft sprocket move at all (ie. normal free play in the transmission)? How does the shift lever feel? Does it move up and down like normal but just doesn't shift the gears? This is probably way too easy, but try to rotate the countershaft sprocket while also moving the shift lever (it will be easiest if you have the chain back on the bike so you can just rock the bike back and forth). It could be something as simple as the gears just not lining up without a little movement. Next I would check to see if there is any free play in the countershaft in case the seal and bearings are damaged.

Good luck, CoKTM

Would have to agree with coktm with finding out what moves and what is stuck solid or jammed. You said that the shift shaft wasnt broken but does it move or is it bent? Does the countershaft sprocket turn at all or is it stuck?

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