2013 ktm 450 xc-f

Anyone have one and what do you think of it?

It is a great bike but its limiting feature is the close ratio 5 speed tranny.  The 5 speed tranny in the XC-F has its place I suppose, but for all purpose riding many would want the wider ratio 6 speed tranny as found in the XC-W.

It's an SX-F with a little bigger tank, 18" rear wheel and a kickstand. If you're fast go for it, if not get an XC-W. 

I've got about 16hrs on mone and love it, would I prefer a 6spd oh for sure but I prefer the rest of the bike over what you give up going with the XC-W

Agree that the six speed would be nice, especially if you change the gearing. Motor wise the only thing I've done is the off the shelf mapping switch and an air box mod. This bike definitely favors a faster more aggressive rider, if that's you prepare to have an ear to ear smile! Remember the days of laughing with excitement as you crack the throttle? This is it!!

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