2001 kx 250 rebuild

Hey there I just rebuilt the top end of my 2001 kx 250 with new exhaust valves for governer piston jug and rings, I went for a ride yesterday and fouled a plug by the end of my ride. I cleaned plug and bike fired back up today I went for ride and within first 10 min it sounded different and was difficult to keep in powerband until I slowed down and she locked up, you are not able to kick bike over now as kick starter is seized too. Any sudgestions ??ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1379277884.181469.jpg

Jay is the shit when it comes to kx 2 strokes my bike did similer was riding and I t locked up was the trans.2nd gear broke. did you tear apart yet.I've got lots of parts for that bike

If its the crank I've got one for you.also have carb to throttle assembly .ft rim and tire.newer filters.bars etc.848 333 9198 if you don't want to fix I might be interested thanks bill.

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