What do you think of my piston?

Just pulled the head off to send to EG. Does this look rich to you?


Most likely rich, yes.

Or ridden at such low rpm that there isn't enough heat to build carbon.

I'd much rather see it too rich than too lean

I figured that. As I get faster on the bike I notice more and more carbon. I'm running a 175 main and 48 pilot. Stock needle at 2nd highest position. I'm going to send the head off to EG to work his magic as the bike seems to ping slightly no matter what I do. Anyone else want to chime in?


My old YZ piston looked a lot like that. A little more carbon but almost the exact same shape. It was healthy, a little rich like you said.

Ill post a pic of mine tomorrow. Similar shape as well, shows the port flow. On phone, no pics

Looks safe... I wouldn't change a thing.

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