Honda cr125 1996 carb overflowing!

Hi there! I bought my 1996 honda cr125 a month ago which ran great no leaks etc... Stripped it all down to give it a good clean then waited 2 weeks for all new parts to arrive (chain, sprockets, plastics kit etc...) Then I rebuilt it all today put the fuel on and it started to leak out the overflow. I gave the bowl a tap incase the floats were sticking then it stopped leaking. Started and warmed up the bike to then take it a run. It ran for a good 10-15 mins, I then stopped to wait on my mate and it cut out. Back to fuel leaking from the overflow and it will now not start at all! Checked spark and compression, all ok! I'm thinking carb but don't know where to start as I don't know anything about them. Can anyone please help!? Would be much appreciated :-)

Replace your fuel needle, polish the fuel needle cavity and seat.

Check for damaged seat, if so replace.

Get a service manual!

Thanks man I know I need a manual but that not what this site is for??

Update on non start...

I have had the carb floats set, needle valve checked, compression tested which is reading at 130. Good spark as well. Tried to start and every few kicks it pops from the silencer. Does anyone have any ideas what to do next?

Thanks in advance!

Adjust your air screw to one turn out

Adjust your idle screw one turn in more

Now try it.


You really need to bump/push start it so you can adjust your air screw, which when adjusted wrong, will make the bike impossible to start

Done!! Still nothing... Aaargh!! Thanks for your help man!

Now running!! :-) gave the carb another good clean adjusted floats again... Put back together and still no luck kicking it! So thought what have I got to loose bump starting it... Done this and started 1st time! Let it heat up then cut it out, kicked it and it started 1st time. Let the bike cool down for 1hr then returned to start it, started 1st time :-)

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