New RM's

2 Brand New RM 250's on eBay. 1 is a 06 with yoshimura graphics and an 1 is an 08 with stock graphics!!! If I had the cash I would buy one! I think they are both better than a new YZ 250 ( though I am a biased RM lover).

The 05 would be a better buy. Lots of money left over for refurb, susp, etc.

I thought the same. The 08 was also just a BNG bike but both are awesome. The 06 would be the better choice for sure.

2008 RM250:


2006 RM250:


In this case I think that the '06 is a far better buy (even though I liked my '08 better than an '06).  In these auctions the '06 is cheaper and it has a few goodies added to it (nice graphics, carbon frame guards, etc.).  In the '08 auction they didn't even bother to post a single decent picture, so even though it's clean, new and never ridden, I'd still like to see at least one clear and up close picture.  Other wise it looks like they are trying to hide something, maybe not ~ but still.


Either way, unless you're looking to put one in a museum I think that both of them are over priced.  You should be able to find a '06 or '07 for under $4,000, which is two or three thousand cheaper than what these guys are asking, invest half of that into rebuilds and suspension setup and for less $$ your going to have a far better bike in the end.

Zig, I totally agree! Even though the 08 is hanging up at least grab a ladder and snap some better pics. I also think I the 08 is too much money. I would buy the 06 if I could get it for under 6k. The guy with the 08 wants almost 8k!

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