Switching to the Dark Side - KTM 500 XC-W

After two years of trying to make a killer trail bike out of the KX450(2011), my mission ended with me buying a 2013 KTM 500 XC-W. Just could not overcome the advantage that electric start has for a trail bike, not to mention better gearing, better handling, better suspension, lighter weight, and quieter. Do I still love the KX, yes but it is not the best bike for slow and tight. Out in the open, now that may be a different story even thou a 500 KTM is not to be short changed there either. After two years of tuning (54T, factory flywheel, 18" rear wheel, spark arrester, skid plate, softer suspension, and tank heat shield) it really was beginning to seem like a killer woods machine, but the KTM comes stock with performance that bettered it easily in tight woods and is killer fast anywhere with less energy needed to ride. I will sell the kaw if I can, and if not I might just go back to mx every once and a while so I can justify keeping it!

I feel you on the bike not being the best for woods. I have a 2002 ktm300exc for tails and my 2011 kx450 for desert riding. Cheers on the new Katoom!

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