need tire help

I need tires for my bike and its a 03 crf250r and I ride in loose soil with leaves,mud,roots and a few hills and its usually wet or damp. I need front and rear tire.

Try a pair of Michelin S12-xc. They provide great traction in in soft terrain and last a long time.

Tires are a "preferred" thing, like coffee, some love Starbucks, some like "real" coffee...I use one brand on the front and a different brand on the's trial and error. The best advise that I can give is ask local riders what they are using.....and ask detailed questions about there experience with there tires....most people hate to say " I spent $150 a piece on these tires and they suck". Just like some one talking about the new car they bought, telling you how great the car is....of course it's "great" they just spent an assload of money on it....nobody EVER says "I wish I didn't buy this POS". I like to run cheap tires for hard pack (a soft compound tire) on the rear and I still haven't found a front tire that will just ride through everything well, so I bought a second wheel to mount a different front tire, I can swap out wheels (with different tires) depending on where I'm riding. Riding "style" (aggressive, putt putt, racing in the woods etc etc) all make a difference too.

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