1997 yz250 stuck in 1st gear

Okay, this bike has been torturing me since the second ride. Test ride and first trails ride she was awesome, then it all started going to crap and continues to get worse as I continue to dig deeper.

What happened today is, I changed the fuel line for a new one (old one was too long and kinked, cutting off fuel flow) and tried to start the bike. Wouldn't kick over, so I tried push starting. Didn't work the first try, but went back into neutral fine. Pushed her back up the hill for another shot and then she stuck when I shifted into gear.

The lever will go down, but it just hits the frame, not catching anything. No upward movement whatsoever. When I pull the clutch in I can roll it and kick it, but no shifting and no starting (which was already an issue).

Any ideas what to look for while I'm tearing apart? Need to replace a crank case section and a top end would be easy to do at that point, so it's all gonna be apart anyways.

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