03 RM 125 Headshake problems.

I know there is multiple threads on "headshake" but they don't seem to help me. Every time I get to any sort of bumps like choppy braking bumps or high speed bumps my front end tends to wobble left and right TERRIBLY. It makes me squeeze real hard and pray I don't wash out. 4th gear bumps are very bad. 2-3rd short choppy bumps are also bad. Anything high speed and repeating or low speed and short-repeating (that make sense?) is very bad. My front end seems a little high, but im thinking I could start with rebound? Is it add more rebound to make she shock go slower back to regular position? Or vice-versa? Also the first part of the stroke seems kinda stiff. Any help?????

Rider weight and sag readings ?

We had a guy at our local shop set the sag for me, so I'm guessing its correct. I weigh 145lb.

145 is way light for the std shock spring and light for the std fork springs , with correct springs and decent sag readings your headshake would be way less

your fork can be soft and slower on rebound , if fork work deep in stroke in braking bumps make headshake. normally very stiff fork make headshake only in acceleration , but that problem is not easy. i suggest try to close compression and open rebound. check if rear sag is around 25-30mm

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