2006 yz125 plastic on 2003 yz125

Will this work?

Yep,all will bolt on except the front number plate,which take's a little bit of modification but no big deal.The restyled kit work's for the 03 also. 

only thing that won't work is the lower front fork guards,if your getting them?  :thumbsup:

I want to buy this for my 03 yz125

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1379356054.170698.jpg

The front number plate will fit with proper use of zip ties. Everything else is made to fit.

It will work.  Like said before the only thing that will not directly bolt up is the number plate, but its no big deal, you can get it to work.

So if I get this I should get 06 graphics?

So if I get this I should get 06 graphics?


Thanks for helping

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