Jake brake on a DRZ?

Yea the jake brake knob is right next to the power bands cover.

People are dumb, they'll say anything they can to sell something on CL. This belongs in the funniest ad on CL thread...

Not a bad price though.

Could he be calling his manual decomp a Jake Brake ?

A Jake Brake (by the Jacobs Tool Company) is a special kind of compression release for a diesel engine. I would imagine the seller is referring to a manual compression release as a Jake Brake.

some folks say the big singles compression brake well going down hill with no throttle


letting you use your brakes less I wonder if that is all He was meaning  ?

i bet the guy bought it from some bozo wanting a quick sale and took advantage of this guy's simple mind. and now he's trying to get his money back......poor guy, if he only knew. if he only knew what a jake break is...i grew up and still own a house down the way from a rock quarry, they are a nice alarm clock

Since it has a kick lever, it is very likely a true DRZ400 (no sub script) which makes it kick start only and would come with a manual compression release.  Might be a good deal at $1500.

Could he be calling his manual decomp a Jake Brake ?


Most likely. I just sent him an email to clarify...

The Question I sent was "Is that a Jake Brake or just the manual decomp"...


Answer was " don't know what you call it but it works great on steep descents"  


In function they (decomp & jake brake) are essentially the same, slightly opening the exhaust valve to release combustion pressure. However in operation they would perform differently. A gasoline engine doesn't need a jake brake, because it has one already... the throttle (slide/butterfly,valve). And engaging the decomp in my mind would reduce engine braking. So the seller doesn't know what he's talking about.

in the 70s we use to run a compression release valve in our two strokes for engine braking. it was kit for two strokes. worked very well on downhills. the drum brakes sucked.

A compression release adds braking - 2 stroke, 4 stroke or diesel.   "Jake Brake" is a proprietary name belonging to the Jacobs Tool Company for a compression release system for Diesel engines.  A Jake Brake is a more complex compression release system than just holding an exhaust valve open.  Not all diesel compression release systems are Jake Brake.


I don't see why calling the DRZ manual compression release a Jake brake is all that funny.  Compression release and Jake Brake are not synonymous terms but refer to the same thing.  How many of us call gas tungsten arc welding (GTA) TIG welding?  TIG (tungsten inert gas) is actually a proprietary name for the GTA process.  Common usage of terms vary by location.

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