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Rear Shock Oil - KDX220

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I understand that :

  • viscosity measures the resistance to flow.
  • higher viscosity grade oils have more resistance to flow than lower viscosity grades.
  • oil gets thinner as it gets hotter.
  • to determine the correct viscosity for my application, I need to know the operating temperature of the oil in that application.
  • shocks that operate in high operating oil temperatures require higher viscosity oil.
  • shocks that operate in low operating oil temperatures require lower viscosity oil.


The link below refers to Cst (Viscosity) for suspension oils:




  • Bel Ray HVI 3W has a viscosity of 4.1 at 40 deg C and 12.6 at 100 deg C.
  • Bel Ray HVI 5W has a viscosity of 6.67 at 40deg C and 20.75 at 100deg C.


What are the typical temp ranges this shock would operate in?


What is the impact of having a higher viscosity oil in the rear shock?


Which is the preferred oil for this shock - Bel Ray HVI 3W oil or Bel Ray HVI 5W oil  ?


When is lighter viscosity oil preferred over heavier viscosity oil?






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