Vapor tach pickup off of coil primary OK?

The Trailtech TTO tachometer can take it's signal off of the ignition coil primary wire.  It is documented in the installation instructions and has worked very well for me.  Now that my OEM speedo has died and I'm replacing it with a Vapor, the installation instructions say nothing about this tach signal option, only winding the sense wire around the spark plug wire.  Anyone know if i's OK for me to use my existing coil primary signal wire for the Vapor as well?  Anyone else use this signal pickup for their Vapor tach input?

You should call TrailTech to clarify.  My assumption is all the Trailtech RPM readers will pick up from the coil primary wire. 

It was in the instructions when I installed mine. It was taken off primary wire on coil. Most aftermarket tachs get signal from - side of coil primary

You can tap into the white wire at the coil. It works fine.

Thanks for the feedback!

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