King Quad not firing, help?


I have a 2009 Suzuki King Quad, and it was having engine problems. It was bogging down and even dying whenever put under load. I tried to fix it by replacing the air filter and spark plug, since the dealership said I should have changed the air filter 700km ago. Now after doing that, it won't even start. It cranks, but won't fire. I got it running once since the plug and air filter were installed, but never since then. Does anyone know what I could do?

Has it sit up not used for a while? I would confirm that you are getting fire then just replace the pilot and main jet in the carb with new ones to be sure your getting fuel. Only other thing I can think of is possibly a bad stator if that doesn't take care of it.

No, it hasn't been used for a while. It's fuel injected, so there's no carb, and the starter's fine, it just won't fire.

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