Riding in San Diego with red sticker? Would like to teach the wife to ride this weekend



New member here, just picked up a 2005 yz450f and a 2005 ttr230 for the wife. I grew up riding Gorman and Bell mountain/victorville mostly, and did get to go out to Moab/slickrock many years back. Sold the bikes when I moved to San Diego for college and just now decided to get back into it.

I have a quick question for my San Diego riders. My wife's bike is Green Stickered and mine is red; I would like to take my wife out this coming weekend to get her used to the bike and was wondering if anyone knew of a place I could also ride with her while she learns the bike (she has ridden before, but years ago). Am I out of luck and should just wait until October 1st? or can someone recommend a place we can go to ride a few very easy trails even with a red sticker. Thanks!


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Ocotillo Wells is maybe your best bet. Its rare you get sited for a non-green sticker bike. plus the wide open area is perfect for beginners. maybe a little warm, but if you go early enough and be done by noon, grab a burger at the Blu-in or maybe the Travertine, yer good to go.


Depending on where you are in SD, just figure out a way to get to the S2 through Borrego Springs or the 78 going east. Ocotillo Wells is between the 78/86/S2 near the Salton Sea. 

2 weeks from today is the beginning of red sticker season....Personally, it's always a big day for me as I no longer have to drive 3 plus hours to ride..

Can't wait!

I wish there was a brown sticker season.

Ha! Alright well I may try Ocotillo Wells then, hopefully it won't be to hot....


if your willing to make that drive also check out plaster city. If your in SD it can be a lot quicker to just shoot out on the 8.

Ha! Alright well I may try Ocotillo Wells then, hopefully it won't be to hot....


You might want to wait awhile. Drove through El Centro last Sunday around midday and it was 111.

Really!? 111....I may rethink this. I haven't heard of plaster city, I will have to check that out as well.


So looking at the weather it looks like we may be putting off this whole "teach me how to ride this weekend" trip. Over 100 deg in both areas does not sound fun at all.


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