Hello,  question on clutch.  I just had the new to me xr400 serviced and the mechanic said the clutch was starting to slip.   I notice sometimes its a bit more difficult to switch gears when riding the bike but sometimes its butter smooth.   Id like it to always shift smooth and easy,  is the tough shifting a clutch problem?  Will a new clutch assemble cure this?  thanks



It sure can,but more to it then that.Steel plates can be warped.Other parts clutch basket,hub,can be worn out.Sometimes you can use file to restore basket and clutch hub.Check that shift lever is not rubbing io case.Make sure bolt is tight on shifter.BTR

Was it before or after having it serviced that you noticed the difficulty?

Worn out oil can make shifting notchy.  Oil with moly can make the clutch slip.


What oil are you running and when was it changed?

Also, if it has aftermarket clutch plates, some of those last maybe one day.

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