Advice on buying a KDX220 please?

Hi all,


I'm thinking of adding to my stable and I'm very tempted to make my new one a KDX220.


I had a go on a mates at the weekend and the ride felt very familiar. Before buying my DRZ400E I had a '94 KLX250D with a 300 kit on and I miss how small and light the bike feels compare to my DRZ. My DRZ has way better power & suspension though.


So moving on to the KDX - I'd really like a version that has USD forks but does it make much difference?


Does the KDX have any weak points that I should be aware of?

When viewing a used one is there anything to look out for?


The last 2 stroke I owned was an MTX200 but on that the main bearings went so I can identify what that sounds like I think. :banghead:

I've also read that the KIPS needs cleaning or it could shear the gears - is that an expensive repair?

I read the only way you can tell is that lack of low end power - I'm not sure I could tell that on a test ride so is it easy to inspect this while viewing?

How about the rear swing arm shaft - does that sieze like on some many other bikes?


So, is there anything else I should be aware of?


I'll be doing some reading on here now but if you point in the right direction now I'd be grateful.


Many thanks, Rich.





Unless you can verify for sure that the stock piston has been changed, stick a Wiseco in it as soon as you get it. OEM 220 pistons are notorious for breaking the skirts. Other than that, like any KDX, they're pretty much bullet proof.

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