Not satisfied..

So I race track and ride trails. I'm very happy with my two track bikes, 2011 yz250f and 2014 yz450f. Anyways my trail bike, 2006 cr250 just isn't good enough.. I know that I do not want to go with a 450 or any 4t for trails. I just sold my xr400 a few weeks ago. I liked the XR but I could of used lighter, better suspension, more power, and more nimble in alot of situations. I know I want a 2T. But what should I get? I've narrowed it down to a few I'm looking for wich would be a clean

- cr500


-yz250 and big bore it

- big bore the CR

I don't really want a KTM but am thinking another 300 would work well..(I had one before but it felt like a big pig)

Any opinions? Other bikes? I know the yamaha YZ250 or Honda CR500 are pretty good wood weapons but I'm worried I'd feel the 500 was like the XR400, and I'm worried the YZ will feel like the CR..

Also if I go 500 should I look for a AF model? There's one that seems clean. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1379333491.122238.jpg at should I go old school steel frame? If I go steel ill wait for a nicer one to pop up.

Also found one pretty clean YZ that peaked my interest but not sure if its a little too pricey.. It's an 09 and dudes asking 3500. I can get 2012 and 2013s for 4500-5000. Good thing would be that 37 is my number! Haha. I found an insanely clean and woods raced with alot all fresh 93 YZ that's only 1500. But that's a little too old.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1379334295.020638.jpg also guy has title for this one.

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