new clutch fried.

Brand new motor top to bottom with new clutch.


The clutch adjustment is suspect, but I want to make sure it is not going to do this again .It looks like it went dry, probably cooked the oil off, but I want to make sure it is getting lubricated. The motor has proper oil levels.


Someone correct me if I am wrong, oil is not pumped into the basket, it is indirectly lubricated via oil submersion... correct?


Cable should have about a nickels thickness free play at the bar.

It is wise to soak (in oil) the clutch fiber pates over night before install.

No notches in the hub or basket.

One thing I found curious is how little oil it appears is on the clutch during operation. When I was playing with the Rekluse and making adjustments if you pulled the clutch a few minutes after you shut it off you would think it had sat overnight and everything had drained off. Evidently with the dry sump setup there isn't a lot oil splashing around. Clay

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