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Clutch lifter rod stuck in mainshaft..please help me!

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My clutch lifter rod is stuck in the mainshaft and will NOT come out on my 2007 CRF450R. Have tried using vice grips on it to pull it out. Wont budge.

I had needle nose vice grips on it while I was tapping it with a hammer. There is a little "cap" on each side of the rod, and the side that was BARELY exposed was what I had the vice grips clamped on to.

That "cap" ended up popping off 0_o now the rod cannot be grabbed with anything. I know these rods should just come right out. im assuming it is bent?

Do I have to split the cases now? Are the cases going to be next to impossible to split with that rod bent? I have the engine out of the bike now because I believe I have to split the cases now. But I figured I would get on this handy website and ask ;D

PS: I just got the bike from a private owner. I test rode it and it rode fine. Was doing some motos in the backyard and the clutch cable fell out of the guide in the handle. I then noticed that there was the fine clutch cable adjustment missing, and the reverse thread thing that goes under it. I purchased those then after I installed those pieces I then noticed that those parts made the clutch cable not have ANY freeplay. So I purchased a new clutch cable. Was installing the clutch cable when I then noticed that the clutch arm that the cable goes into was not at the angle that it should be. It wasn't straight, it was pointing about 45 degrees towards the rear wheel. I then decided to look at the clutch itself. unfortunately everything as trash. basket had groves in it, plates were too thin ect.

I have purchased all of the new clutch components. I jus cant install them because I am not able to get the lifter rod out.


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Ive had this happen and yes I had to split the cases. It will not cause you anymore trouble while splitting the cases, or didnt cause me any at least. Being installed the wrong way is what caused an issue with the one i fixed.

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