Engine cases or engine needed 07 RMZ 450



My engine just blew up if everyone have engine cases or some old engine for sale let me know. I

will attach pictures of the broken engine to be more clear what parts i want. And does everyone

know what years are the same 05-07 is my guess.



03 Sep. 16 16.02.jpg

04 Sep. 16 16.02.jpg

05 Sep. 16 16.03.jpg

06 Sep. 16 16.03.jpg

I don't know if it's possible but I have an 08 motor I'd let go for cheap.

I don't think it fits in 07 frame 08 is fuel injected but thanks for offering..

Yeah!! I have a whole bottom end if you need it. I have the crank but the big end needs replacing and you'll need to rebuild it all. It's complete. 

I also have the clutch, magneto cover if you want them. PM me for more details and pics.


PM Send

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