Black Coal National Enduro - YZ250 takes 2nd place!

Congrats to Jesse Groemm for getting a 2nd place overall at the Black Coal National Enduro yesterday - Riding an "outdated" YZ250 2-stroke!   First time in a while that a YZ250 has been on the podium at a NEPG race.   Good luck Jesse at the ISDE in October!





Thad Duvall put the smoker on the box in 2011 in Ohio.  Missed the overall by 1 second if I remember quickly.  Just goes to show you that the YZ has more than enough to compete against any other bike out there. 

Not to sound like an old-timer, but it seems just like yesterday YZ250s were covering all the podiums. This was, what, early to mid 2000s. Crap, that does make me sound like an old-timer.

Definitely congrats to him! Did anyone also see the article in dirt rider about broc hepler tearing it up in a national on the "dated" yz250? I was so pumped when I read the article!

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