new drz 400 s/sm petcock repair kit?

has anyone tried to use the K&L petcock repair kit part# 18-5038?

apparently fits drz 400 s and sm and seems to be a new product in the k&l catalog on line.includes the large diaphragm as well (18-6639)?

could this be the answer to our leakage??

Just get a raptor manual petcock and never look back

I purchased a repair kit on eBay for just over $20 including shipping that worked.  The o-ring that seals the petcock to the tank did not fit but everything else did.  I didn't want a manual shutoff because I drop my bike a lot and hate when fuel runs through the carb while I'm trying to figure out how to pick it up.

Totally agree. It will leak sooner or later. And besides it makes the good practice of emptying your

carb before turning off impossible.


Look at mine after a few hours. Thank God my float valve held,

or my engine would be scrap today.



replaced the diaphragm and no more leaks.$17 shipped on amazon.

finally a solution that works.

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