Comfort seat for 150f?

I saw Guts Racing has a wider/flatter (comfort) seat kit, but it's only for the 250x, 450r, 450x.  Does something like this exist for the 150?


Unfortunately us ladies have wider butts than you fellas, and I know I could use a slightly wider seat with some better seat foam.  I like the grippyness of the stock '09 seat but dang it's hard as a rock.


Maybe I should ask in the thumpette forum!  

I sent my DR650 seat to fisher, ( they made it softer and wider. They can make your 150's seat any way you want it.


Stand while you ride and your butt won't

get so sore. Legs will hurt like hell after first few rides, you'll get used to it after awhile.

Yeah I'm trying to get used to riding while standing but at the moment the stock bars are making it difficult. Plus I'm waiting on new boots. I do as much as my severely arthritic knees (I'm only 31) can handle :)

May eventually go with the seat concepts because it offers a little extra width and for me that would be darn near perfect.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Hello to all from Italy.

I would advise a method to soften the foam of the seat, I did this.

It uses a drill and drill bits cup (saws round).

You make so many holes in the foam of the seat, from below, without check from the top.

As a precaution, remove and replace seat cover. This really works.

Sorry for my English.


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