Seat cleaning

Does anyone know a good product or method for cleaning dirt bike seats? I wasn't thinking and while I was working on my bike touched the seat, leaving oil prints on it. I tried to clean it with some universal vinyl cleaner but did have much luck. Surely someone on here knows of a better way to clean it, without having to buy a new cover. Any suggestions appreciated.

Windex window cleaner and a tooth brush. 

Dawn and a brush 

+1...... Good ol dawn dish washing soap and a scrub brush

Just make sure u wash all the soap off or u will have white stains on the seat 

Westley's white wall cleaner.

power washer with a soap applicator

dont use any car say the seat was a bit hard to stay on for about 5 rides.

I tried dawn and a toothbrush. It helped some, but there are still dark marks where the oil was

Have you tried simple green along with the dawn or a magic eraser?  Spend a little time and elbow grease. Just make sure the seat isnt slick before going out again

It is a blue gripper seat. Will the magic eraser leave white marks?

It is a blue gripper seat. Will the magic eraser leave white marks?

Its like foam its just rips apart and dries clean n clear.  Ive used it on white walls in my house and never left residue.  You could always go clean up with water and a towel afterwards if needed.

Steel Wool soap pads.



Looks good till you fall off!!!

Simple green and a brush for dishes.

Looks good till you fall off!!!



:lol: . Funny cause It's true :goofy:

You only make that mistake once.

Ya use simple green you'll actually get a more tacky, sticky feeling w it. Works great

You only make that mistake once.

Hopefully after the mistake is made your're around to tell it  :ride:

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