Accidently got coolant in the cylinder...

So I have no idea if I'm posting this to the right area. BUT, I went to check the RC flap valves on my 2003 CR 250 and stupidly removed the cylinder head without draining the coolant first. Needless to say I got coolant everywhere. I drained the rest of the coolant and drained the oil. I have no idea how far down the coolant got. This happened yesterday. I'm going to take the cylinder and piston off when I get home tonight - I'm also doing a top end re-build. Any ideas as to how to get the coolant out of the crankcase if it went that far? Do I have to take the bottom end off of the bike or can I get something in there to soak it up? Maybe flip the bike upside down? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

IMO I would flush the bottom end ( crank ) out with gas/oil mix, then flip over and dump to rinse. Since you are doing a top end, I might be better to just remove the engine so you can flip it over and not the hole bike.

You did not have to drain the tranny oil. The crank and the trans. are not connected liked on most 4 jokes.

As it sits the cylinder and piston are still on the bike. I've just removed the head and RC flap valves. Where would I fill it with the gas/oil mix?

If it where me I'd just tape a small fuel like tube to a shop vac and suck the crap out of the crank

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