01 rm 250 problem

I rebuilt my friends 01 rm 250 from the ground up, but when i started it the bike instantly started revving really high. Im not really sure what is causing this maybe someone here has an idea? The bike never did this before the rebuild. Carb hasn't been touched.

Throttle cable stuck.

Idle too high ?.

Adjust the idle screw to find the correct position.

Mine did the same thing make sure the throttle cable is adjusted and its routed properly

Check the throttle cable at the carb.It may be hung up there, and pulling on the slide.

The idle was never touched when i rebuilt the bike. But i tried turning it down and nothing worked. Ill have to go and check the cable. ill let u guys know tomorrow if anything has changed


Yup just checked and the cable was popped out of the carb. Like it wasnt sitting in its boot properly. this should deff fix it.

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