KTM mini advanture cant climb hills.

Any way to get a ktm mini adventure to climb a long hill.  It works great other wise.   Bike is stock and I have never had to touch the motor, I am afraid to mess with the clutch because other wise it works great, and engagement of the clutch works fine everywhere else, it just cant lug up a hill. 


Is there any 50's that can lug up a hill on a trail ride.  XR's and ttr  ect.. are to heavy and have crap for suspension.  He can ride a xr 70 but cant touch the ground or pick it up.  Right now physically the mini adventure is a perfect size. I want his next bike to have a clutch and gears, but a ktm 65 is still way to tall and I don't think the motor would be very good on trails.  Please correct me if I am wrong, I have never owned a  65.

Can it be as simple as changing sprockets? 

When my Son was riding a mini adventure, I put a senior exhaust on it. I also blocked off the oil injector, but if you are looking for a little more get up and go that would be a place to start. You only need the expansion chamber part of the exhaust. That will wake it up and get it up those hills.  The mini adventure is a great little bike. You could also try and find a Jr. But those are few and far between and expensive to acquire.

The 65s are much bigger but can be good on trails if you gear down a little.  You can drop a KX 65 about 1.5 inches for cheap (longer dogbones, slide up the forks).  But they will always be thirsty.


A 110 4t is the same size, and will lug all day but have lesser quality suspension components.

and also weigh about twice as much.

I might try the pipe and change sprockets

try the pipe first. I promise you will be amazed at the difference the bigger expansion chamber makes!!!


Just looked on Ebay, kind of slim pickins on there right now. Looks like a cheap china knock off version on there for pretty cheap. I don't know what you are going to use the mini for. I happen to get mine from another Dad at the track that was selling a 50 that had an FMF pipe on it. He had the original in his garage and sold it to me for about $50.


There are deals out there, you just have to snoop around to find them.  Good luck. I loved our mini. Man that thing would run forever and never gave me a single problem. I was sad to sell it.

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we mainly ride around the farm and go to a moto cross track one in a while.  He dose not race but rides fast and like to jump ect.  We basically do a little bit of everything.


Next spring we be joining a riding club in PA so a lot of trails with hills.  He will most likely have to learn to deal with the crf 70 until he gets taller.



Was at a KTM dealer today. The 50 SX looked way tall, and a 65 is really tall. 

On the older 50's you can swap out your MA seat that takes about 1.5 inches off, also there are two setting for the rear shock so that can be lowered as well. The front forks can be lowered about 2 inches.  If you are doing a lot of trail riding and not a lot of SX, then how about a CRF 50? Those are great trail bikes with lots of bits and pieces that can be upgraded?  Don't get me wrong I am a KTM Dad, but if we were doing a majority of trail riding I would go with a CRF instead of a KTM in a minute.

the crf/xr dont have proper supension, we trail ride, but trail ride fast, plus he loves to jump. for us trail ride does not equal slow.

he used to have a pw 50' and was just beating it to death. plus the trail bikes dont have correct geometry, they are sized for a kid but made to hold a adult, so they are very heavy.

i would try a 65 if they could be made lower and still have quality suspension. like 6inches lower.

i would even build a bike if a small vertical cylynder four stroke with a couple of gears existed. i need a xr 50 or 70 engine that fits in a small ktm frame. in two years it wont matter much, but we plan in doing a lot of riding next year.

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